Bitcoin Wallet Moves $1.2 Million After Laying Dormant for 13 Years

16 Jun 2023

A Bitcoin wallet has moved $1.2 million after being dormant for 13 years, Watcher.Guru reports. The Bitcoin whale in question had transferred 50 BTC to another wallet, having left the Bitcoin untouched since it was mined all the way back in June of 2010.

The awakened wallet has been somewhat of a trend in recent months. Specifically, similar stores of wallet addresses awakening after a similar time have been ongoing since April. With one wallet coming to life after 12 years, and moving almost $8 million in Bitcoin. 

Additionally, in the days following, another long-term investor had moved a remarkable $11 million in Bitcoin. This investor had done so after a similar 11 years of being inactive. Conversely, it is impossible to discover who these wallet addresses belong to. 

Because of the long-term holding, the investor could be someone who actually mined the coin in 2010 or an entity that acquired the wallet from that person. Either way, the wallets that are coming to life remain an interesting point of observation within the industry.