Ethereum Merge Could Break The Internet

12 Sep 2022

Ethereum heads into the Merge very soon, therefore holders are awaiting a massive impact on the altcoin’s blockchain, FXSTREET reports. Ethereum’s lead developer, Preston Van Loon confirmed that the change in Ethereum’s consensus mechanism could drive ETH price higher.

Ethereum’s Merge is a key event that ETH holders and the crypto community is looking forward to. The transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is set to change the way new Ether is created and reduce power consumption by 99.95%.

Analysts set a $2,000 target for Ethereum

Analysts revealed a bullish outlook on Ethereum and set a $2,000 target for ETH. The altcoin started its recovery from the recent slump and hit the $1,765 level. Tony M, a leading crypto analyst believes ETH is on track for its recovery to $2,000.