Tiffany & Co Introduces NFT CryptoPunk Pendants For $50,000

02 Aug 2022

Luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co has announced the sale of 250 diamond and gemstone encrusted pendants for CryptoPunk nonfungible token (NFT) holders, Cointelegraph reports.

The handcrafted CryptoPunk pendants were announced by the jewelry brand on Sunday on Twitter, and are priced at 30 Ether (ETH), equivalent to $50,600 each at the time of writing.


Each CryptoPunk is limited to a maximum of three NFTiff tokens that allow them to mint a customized pendant. There are 87 different attributes and 159 colors that can be used to custom design the pendants, and the pendant itself will be composed of 18-Karat rose or yellow gold, based on the color palette of the NFT.