51% of Latin American Consumers Conducted Crypto Transactions

According to a survey conducted by MasterCard in March and April this year, 51% of Latin American consumers have conducted at least one transaction with crypto assets, and over 33% of them have used stablecoins for everyday purchases.

The survey further revealed that 54% of Latino consumers are optimistic about the performance of digital assets as an investment. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Latinos want a hybrid payment option that includes both crypto and traditional payment methods for their day-to-day operations.

Walter Pimenta, executive vice president, Products and Engineering, Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean, said:

More and more Latin Americans are showing interest in cryptocurrencies and want solutions that facilitate access to the crypto world. At Mastercard, we are designing these solutions to expand digital inclusion and strengthening alliances that guarantee operability and support

Tether Plans to Launch a Stablecoin Tied to the British Pound

Tether is releasing a crypto token tied to the value of the British pound as part of a push into new stablecoins, Bloomberg reports.

The GBPT token will be available to trade early July.

Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer at Tether, said:

The UK’s ambition of becoming a crypto hub makes it an attractive destination. Tether is ready and willing to work with UK regulators to make this goal a reality and looks forward to the continued adoption of Tether stablecoins.

Tether offers tokens pegged to the US dollar, euro, Chinese yuan and Mexican peso.

Nearly 75% of US Merchants Plan To Accept Crypto Within Two Years

Accodring to a Deloitte survey, polled with 2,000 executives across different retail organizations in the US, 75% said they plan to accept crypto or stablecoin payments within the next two years, The Daily Hodl reports

More than 50% of the responding large retailers (with revenues of $500 million and up) have already invested more than $1 million in the service of enabling digital asset payments. 

In a statement, Deloitte said:

Our survey confirms the direction and strength of the trajectory toward broad adoption of digital currency payment solutions across US retail organizations. Respondents understand the value and benefits of such capability and have taken steps toward enablement.

 You can read the full report here

Visa Launches First Crypto Cards in Latin America

Visa has launched its first crypto cards in Brazil and Argentina, cryptonews.com reports. In a statement, the company explained that the move “includes recently launched cryptocurrency card programs and partnerships” with fintech providers crypto exchange startups in the region.

Romina Seltzer, the Senior Vice President of Products and Innovation of Visa Latin America and the Caribbean, said:

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to gain momentum in this region with increased investment, more consumer adoption, and more crypto-enabled usage cases. We will continue to build on our strategy to develop the future of crypto and payments for our customers, clients, partners, and consumers.

The report added that Visa is looking to develop card issuance projects in other Latin American nations, including Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Bank of America Survey: 90% of respondents plan to buy crypto in 2022

According to a survey conducted by Bank of America (BAC) with1,000 people, 90% of respondents are preparing to buy cryptocurrencies within the next six months.

The survey confirms that the faith in cryptocurrencies has not faded, despite the negative sentiment and market trends.

In an interview with CNBC, Jason Kupferberg, an analyst for Bank of America, said:

The results show a positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies on the part of investors.

Watch the full interview.

UAE Charitable Organization to Accept Crypto Donations

Al Jalila Foundation, a nonprofit healthcare organisation in the United Arab Emirates, today announced that it has been granted approval to receive charitable donations in cryptocurrencies, making it the first healthcare charity in the UAE to accept donations in digital money.

Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said:

As a philanthropic organisation we rely on charitable donations and we are always seeking innovative ways to expand our donation channels for ease of convenience for donors from all around the world to support our programmes. Therefore, as an emerging source of fundraising, providing the opportunity to the growing number of crypto users around the world to donate to Al Jalila Foundation to causes that interest them is a win-win for us as a foundation and the donor community. We are proud to be the first healthcare charity in the UAE to accept donations in cryptocurrencies bridging the gap between physical and digital currency.